We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our amazing and growing team. If you're curious & driven, we're interested. 

Join our dynamic team! At Axtron, we are continually seeking passionate individuals to fill roles such as Business Development Executives, Field Service Technicians, Customer Service Representatives, and Accounting Specialists. If you believe you're a great fit for any of these positions, share your details with us, and we'll reach out to explore the exciting possibilities together!

Business Development Executives

Unleash growth opportunities as a Business Development Executive, driving strategic partnerships, fostering client relationships, and expanding Axtron's market presence.


Field Service Technicians 

Be the backbone of operational excellence as a Field Service Technician, ensuring the seamless installation, maintenance, and support of Axtron's innovative solutions at client locations.


Customer Service Representatives 

Elevate customer satisfaction by joining as a Customer Service Representative, the frontline ambassador ensuring prompt, friendly, and effective assistance to our valued clients.


Accounting Specialists 

Navigate the financial landscape as an Accounting Specialist, contributing expertise in financial analysis, reporting, and
compliance to uphold Axtron's fiscal integrity.



Discover the latest insights, trends, and innovations at the intersection of technology and modern living with the Axtron Blog Hub. Whether you're exploring the realm of smart homes with Axtron Home Automation, delving into sustainable energy solutions with Axtron Energy, or seeking the forefront of industrial innovation with Axtron Industrial Automation, our blog is your go-to source for informative and engaging content.


In today’s fast-paced world, the desire for comfort, convenience, and sustainability coalesces in the realm of home automation. Beyond the allure of seamless control, there lies a powerful advantage: energy management. Welcome to a future where your home not only caters to your needs but also optimizes energy consumption, resulting in both enhanced comfort and reduced environmental impact.

How do we deliver this experience?

Smart Thermostats: Climate Control Redefined
Lighting Intelligence: Illuminating Efficiency
Energy Monitoring: Real-Time Insights for Savings
Appliance Control: Energy Efficiency at Your Fingertips
The Personalized Energy Experience
Environmental Impact: Embracing Sustainable Living

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